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Legacy Workshops with Kim Fitzpatrick

'The Future You' Virtual Workshop Replay - Recorded Live

Legacy By Kim

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'The Future You' Virtual Workshop Replay - Recorded Live

'The Future You' virtual workshop is magic, and I'm sharing the opportunity for you to receive the recording of the live intensive training, playlist and workbook.

You will receive the link to the recording of the masterclass and the workbook straight to your email inbox - watch and begin the workbook when it serves you!

This is a dynamic workshop where we will begin to embark on a transformative journey to identify and create our idea future selves. Through this time, you will gain clarity around your vision, your values, your strengths, your desires to fuel your empowerment as you design a fulfilling and purpose-driven life...uniquely to you, on your terms!

What to Expect:

Explore Current State: Attendees will explore current state, encouraging self-reflection and self-awareness. Uncover your unique strengths, area of improvement, values, beliefs, and standards of oneself required to create the 'future you' and level up in all areas. This is required in order to lay the foundation for personal growth.

Understand Current Reality: Through vision work you'll be able to identify your best you - the future you and imagining who she is, how she feels, what she thinks, how she shows up.

Identify Strategies to Overcome Obstacles and Challenges: Limiting beliefs do just that - limit yourself in reaching your goals and desires. You'll face obstacles and challenges along the way, this is real life after all. By address these limiting beliefs and building resilience, you'll gain confidence and determination needed to move forward and courage and owning the power within.

Transition into the Practical Phase: This is imperative. This is where you get practical as you craft actionable plans to turn your vision into a reality. Goal-setting processes, time and energy management, cultivating daily habits and routines - you'll begin to create the roadmap to 'The Future You.'

You will receive:

  • The Future You Workshop Recording with Kim Fitzpatrick
  • The Future You Workbook + Resources
  • The Future You Playlist

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