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Headbands with Buttons

Buy 4 get the 5th FOR FREE!! ($18 CDN / $13.60 USD per band when you buy 4 and get the 5th for free!)

Our healthcare line of headbands include 2 buttons sewn on to help nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers with their continuous need to wear face masks.

If your ears hurt from the constant need to wear a face mask, you can use the buttons to hold the face mask in place.

These headbands were created by Legacy by Kim in response to requests for this product to help relieve the pain healthcare workers are beginning to suffer due to the long shifts and the necessity to wear masks for long periods of time.

**Disclaimer** Legacy headbands sewn with buttons are not FDA, WHO, or CDC approved, certified, or endorsed. Headbands are a fashion accessory and not an approved and/or certified medical equipment.

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