About Creators

Meet Jamie + Kim Fitzpatrick

We're Jamie & Kim Fitzpatrick! We've been married over 11 years and are blessed with two amazing children, Colby + Tess. The sweet pup you see in the picture above is our newest family member, Clemmy.

Our family lives in Canada and together, we run an online health and wellness business.

We're small business owners, social media entrepreneurs and BIG dreamers!

Follow along with us and our journeys at @kim_m_fitzpatrick and @jamiefitzpatrickfitness!

We believe we are all on a path.  The cool part? We get to CHOOSE our mindset along the way creating and shaping our own destinies!

We're committed to a journey of becoming the best possible versions of ourselves as we focus on the LEGACY we're creating every single day.

Kim has had this vision for Legacy by Kim for many years and we are honoured for you to be a part of this journey alongside us.

To learn more about Legacy by Kim, please check out the "About Legacy" tab found on the menu to the left or click here.

Meet Jess Anderson 

Hey! This is Jess, the maker behind the Legacy Headband line. As a mama of 3 littles and a farming wifey on the Canadian prairies, I LOVE being creative and working in my little sewing studio in our home. I’m passionate about supporting small shops and small businesses and so grateful that my work has connected with Kim and her Legacy project and in this these products have an even deeper meaning.