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Be Her Now Daily Journal + Heart Map

Legacy By Kim

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Be Her Now Daily Journal + Heart Map
Be Her Now Daily Journal + Heart Map
Be Her Now Daily Journal + Heart Map


The daily journaling include space for daily affirmations, gratitude, celebration of what you're most proud of, declaring your dreams, inspired action + MORE!


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Excerpt from 'Be Her Now' Journal:

"This journal and passion project has been on my heart for years. Let me first unpack what I mean by that. “On my heart”, in a sense that it was required for my own growth as I figured out what process boldly allowed me to show up as my strongest self mentally, emotionally, and physically in this thing we get to call our life.

It starts the minute we get to wake up each day. The intention with this journal is that you swap out your morning online scroll. You can keep this bedside, lock yourself in the bathroom with it, or create a little nook that is your sacred space to get centered as you begin each day.

The goal is to get your heart prepared and your mind equipped as you allow yourself to powerfully step into the best version of yourself required to conquer each day."

Your 'Be Her Now' Journal Includes:

  • QR codes linked to exclusive 'Be Her Now' videos from Kim
  • 'Power of Vision' toolkit + exercises
  • 100% recycled paper
  • 140 daily journaling pages
  • 2 attached pink ribbon page markers
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