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'Coming Home to Yourself' Two Hour Masterclass Workshop

Legacy By Kim

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'Coming Home to Yourself' Two Hour Masterclass Workshop

The 'Coming Home to You' Two Hour Masterclass is magic - and I'm sharing the opportunity for you to receive the recording of the live intensive training, playlist and workbook.

You will receive the link to the recording of the two hour masterclass and the workbook straight to your email inbox - watch and begin the workbook when it serves you!

Coming home to you is about healing, feeling, and reflecting and learning what this means uniquely for you.

Past trauma and experiences often cause us to retreat into survival mode where we can design patterns of defense. In these places we find ourselves disconnected from who we are at our core, what we deeply long for and what our souls crave.

Together, we will discover what this means for you and begin to look at daily habits and routines that align with your future best self as you prepare to walk in to 2024.

With the 'Coming Home to You' Two Hour Masterclass Workshop, you will receive:

  • Recorded access to Virtual Coming Home to You Event with Kim Fitzpatrick
  • Coming Home to You Workbook
  • Coming Home to You Playlist


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